Our software turns communities into mobile marketplaces. 

Railway is getting people to shop locally again by making it easy for mobile consumers to find what they want nearby, receive promotions for their favorite products and get a personalized in-store experience.

Get products from nearby stores in minutes.


Explore the shelves of stores straight from your phone and find out which stores have what you are looking for nearby.

Receive relevant promotions or coupons for your favorite products and get a personalized in-store experience.

Reserve or buy the product to pick up in-store or get it delivered. Finding what you want has never been easier. 

Featured Stores

Imagine the inventory of every store on every street online, so that shoppers can truly find and buy anything they want from shops nearby.

Manage, promote and sell in-store products to on-the-go consumers nearby and create a better in-store shopping experience.

Deliver coupons to mobile consumers, drive them to nearby retailers that sell your products, and engage with customers in-store.

Build and scale your location-based application by accessing an unlimited number of people, products, places and beacons.