Increase in-store conversions & digital ad relevance.

Beacon-enabled campaigns have an average click through rate of 60%, compared to traditional campaigns like email marketing at 2%.

Digital campaigns that incorporate Railway technology enhance consumer promotions, shopper marketing efforts, retail activations and omni-channel strategy while optimizing operations and providing physical attribution from digital campaigns.

The Railway Platform enables you to:

  • Engage customers at the proper time in the buying cycle
  • Deliver relevant content based on actual location 
  • Highlight great deals or product info
  • Increase the impact of targeted advertising 
  • Provide new data points and tools for your analytics
  • Connect with mobile apps and beacon-enabled location



Share your products

Railway allows you to upload, match and merge identical products across retailers, enabling cross-retailer analysis, and increase foot traffic at retailers that carry your products.

engage with shoppers

The Railway Platform allows you to better understand a user’s journey and deliver them relevant information and offers at the appropriate time during the buying cycle.

receive data insights

Railway's analytics enable you to understand which purchases result from location-based communications, closing the loop so you can improve your marketing strategy and increase sales.