Join other businesses already selling to mobile shoppers.

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Enhance the quality and frequency of customer visits by making your products searchable to consumers nearby.

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Deliver valuable content to shoppers nearby or in-store to save them time and money for a more enjoyable customer experience.

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Better understand your customers with a suite of analytics that measure in-store activity, product impressions, mobile campaigns, competitor insights, and more. 



How It Works

Connect to Railway

Connect by confirming your address and phone number. A dedicated Railway support rep will set up your free account, place beacons in your store, and get your products uploaded to our cloud.  

engage with shoppers

Set up marketing campaigns that deliver content and messaging to shoppers nearby or in your store. Railway enables you to target customers easily using audience profiles and proximity ranges. 

get effortless sales

Millions of consumers will be able to search for your products on a mobile app and online. Simply accept an order if the product is in-stock and use a shopper's verified presence to trigger a payment.


It’s FREE to connect & hassle free

The Railway Platform is completely free during beta. Set up is quick and easy, and you'll have a dedicated support rep on hand to help. There are no commitments or monthly membership contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Railway connected businesses get:

  • Free business setup assistance
  • A dedicated Railway support rep
  • Flexibility to leave at any time