Enhance the quality and frequency of customer visits.

A recent study showed 8 out of 10 consumers use their smartphone to assist them when in-store.

People in your area are searching for a business like yours everyday and this is the moment to attract new customers.

From the first moment of discovery to the in-store experience, authenticity is the biggest influence on customers. This is your chance to earn their loyalty and give them an experience they’ll remember.

The Railway Platform enables you to deliver valuable content to shoppers in-store that will save them time, save them money, or give them delightful tips. 




Connect to railway

Registering is as easy as confirming your address and phone number. We set up your FREE account on the Railway Platform, place beacons in your store, and connect you to our cloud.

share Your Products

Share your products with us and we market your products to the world. We’ll send our team to scan all of your products and menu items or can integrate with your POS system.

engage with shoppers

Create meaningful relationships  and understand users based on actual geo-behavior. Railway  enables you to deliver relevant content based on users’ unique interests.



It’s FREE to connect & hassle free

We'll send a local rep to your business to get you set up.