Our Philosophy

Go big or go home


By connecting all stores in every neighborhood and every city, we create local marketplaces where businesses, brands, and app developers work together to make buying more convenient and efficient.

Railway's technology focuses on:

Making it possible to find and buy products nearby.

Delivering more relevant mobile advertisements.

Providing consumers with relevant digital coupons.

Enabling shoppers to pick up products in-store or get them delivered.  


How It All Started

New York, 2013


After a delayed red eye flight from Phoenix to New York, Nate Reis knew he was going to be cutting it close for his first meeting. Before leaving his hotel, he stopped in the hotel's souvenir shop for a Red Bull, but they were out. He asked the concierge if there were any other stores nearby that sold Red Bull. The concierge told him the convenience store across the street sells energy drinks. He walked across the street to find that they were also out of Red Bull. Frustrated, he asked himself, “Why can’t I use my phone to find and buy products nearby?”.


Why The Name Railway?

It's simply a metaphor


In the 1800s, there were a few visionaries that also saw an opportunity in a disconnected world. These individuals had an idea to connect cities by building a transportation system that allowed goods, information and people to move from place to place faster. Although this new transportation system would be a massive undertaking, they knew it would solve a meaningful problem and create economic opportunities at such scale that people would set aside their differences and work together for the greater good.  

Nate knew that to make an utopian shopping experience possible, every business and every product would need to be digitized, mapped and connected to one open platform. He named the company Railway to symbolize the amount of work, determination and cooperation required to complete a project at this scale; the opportunities it will create; the problems it will solve, and lastly to serve as a reminder of who we are.