A different kind of shopping experience.


Imagine the inventory of every store on every street online, so that shoppers can truly find and buy anything they want from shops nearby. 

Since 2011, local searches like “Where can I find [x] near me?” have grown by more than 34 times.

We are making inventory at local stores searchable for local consumers with our app called Railway Search. Search for an item using our app, find which store has it nearby, then reserve, buy, or get it delivered. 

Railway Search enables you to:

  • Find products at local stores nearby
  • Receive relevant promotions and coupons
  • Experience a personalized in-store experience



Search for a product

Railway Search allows you to explore the shelves of nearby stores straight from your phone. We have created a community where local shopping is better, faster, and cheaper.

find nearby stores

The app searches our database for  products relevant to your search or stores that have your product. You then can specify what item you're looking for or see a list of stores nearby. 


Reserve, buy, or deliver

Once you have chosen a nearby store, you can reserve or buy the product to pick up in-store or get it delivered. The app simply notifies the store when an order comes in.