Railway's software turns communities into mobile marketplaces. 

Railway is getting people to shop locally again by making it easy for mobile consumers to find what they want nearby, receive promotions for their favorite products and get a personalized in-store experience.



Railway’s powerful analytics provide in-store proximity data, product impressions, foot traffic, campaign ROI, and more. They also enable you to understand which purchases result from location-based communications, closing the loop so you can optimize your environment, improve traffic flow and increase sales.





Maximize your engagement opportunities by integrating the Railway Platform  into your business strategy. Our platform allows businesses, brands, advertisers and developers to understand a user’s journey from beginning to end, and deliver them relevant information and offers at the appropriate time during the buying cycle.




Monetize with our ecosystem

The Railway Platform creates a network of products, people, places, and beacons. This allows businesses, brands, advertisers, and developers to facilitate the delivery of proximity-based communication to power a new generation of relevant digital advertising.