The Railway Platform provides mobile marketplace software for consumers, businesses, brands, and apps.


By creating a network of products, people, places, and beacons, the Railway Platform is getting people to shop locally again.

Using a unique combination of products, geofencing, beacons and analytics, our end-to-end platform gives you a powerful and effective way to engage with your audience. Delivering personalized digital content based on a user’s context can drive engagement, boost loyalty and increase sales.

With powerful controls for customers to safeguard and customize their privacy, the Railway Platform bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, creating new possibilities for businesses, brands, advertisers and developers.




Share your product inventory and allow consumers to find your products at any time, from any device or gain access to an unlimited number of products and their retail locations.


Connect and communicate with users based on where they are and what they’re doing for a richer user experience. Customized messages set a new standard for engagement.


Railway maps products to places and locations, allowing brands to better understand their retail stores and consumers to more quickly find the products they’re searching for.

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Railway enables you to instantly acquire a scalable infrastructure of beacons in your city and across the globe, while handling all of the hardware deployments and monitoring for you.



Geofencing allows for communication triggers based on arrival, dwell time and departure of users in designated areas from zip codes, to standing in front of a product display.


Railway allows for customized messages, offers and other content to be pushed in real time to maximize engagement and loyalty at the proper time and place.


Gain insights into your customers and campaigns to increase visits and improve user experiences. Railway connects digital and in-store analytics, enabling you to prove ROI.

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An all-inclusive user interface that provides all the functionality you need to set up, configure, update and analyze your products, beacons, campaigns, and location network.